Radical Retro Classics Go High-Tech

Author: Jason / Date: August 30, 2022 / Tags: classics

Radical Retro Classics Go High-Tech

(RareCarMarket.com) – Classic cars are head-turners that feel amazing to own. The only problem lies in the fact that they’re essentially historical artifacts that often lack modern conveniences, such as power windows or even modernized engines. One California company is bridging the generation gap by combining classic cars with modern tech — with almost miraculous results!

Icon, a Los Angeles outfit run by car expert Jonathan Ward, specializes in taking vintage cars and turning them into modern works of art. It’s an incredible way to preserve usability and create something new simultaneously. 

As video creator FreeThink points out, the automotive industry grew rapidly, leaving car companies little choice but to make cars as fast as possible. Quantity became prime rather than quality. Ward believes quality beats quantity every time.

ICON takes popular vintage cars and basically reimagines them entirely, changing even the smallest details to make it a superior build. These redesigns are essentially resto-mods, but the company doesn’t just take old cars and make them fun and enjoyable to drive. They’re also helping reduce the number of cars going to the scrap yard.

Why does that matter? Freethink claims around 12 million cars end up there every single year. That’s a hefty amount of trash.

Classic car manufacturers built their vehicles to last, but there’s no denying that owners sometimes have to sacrifice creature comfort updates. Perhaps the process will become more mainstream one day, making these resto-mods easier to access. Surely they’re worth every penny.

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