Jump Starting a Classic — The Correct Way

Author: Jason / Date: September 29, 2022 / Tags: classic cars

Jump Starting a Classic --- The Correct Way

(RareCarMarket.com) – Jumping classic vehicles is different from modern cars, which you can just hook up to one another. The electric systems have different amperages and can result in a fire if a person isn’t careful due to the higher output of the modern vehicle overloading the classic’s battery and wiring system. 

The first step in jumping a classic car is to check the condition of the batteries in both vehicles. Look for signs of corrosion or rust and check the jumper cables for the same issues. If all looks good, check the voltage of both batteries before taking the next step. If the difference is too severe, don’t attempt a jump start; you’re just asking for trouble. Most classics are right around 12 volts, but some vintage batteries may be only 6. That’s too big of a difference for a safe jump.

Next, you’ll need to hook the cables up to the “dead” battery first, black to negative (-) and red to positive (+) and then do the same to the “live” battery. Don’t start the cars yet, this will give the “dead” battery time to acclimate. Failing to complete this step could result in an overcharged battery, especially if using a modern car to jump a classic, as newer cars produce far more electricity. 

Lastly, you’ll start the vehicle with the good battery and allow it to run for 10 minutes before shutting it off. Disconnect the jumper cables and attempt to start the classic. If the car doesn’t fire, you may just need to invest in a new battery or a trickle charger. In many cases, it’s better to spend the money on one of these than it is to repair the damage you could do to your classic by improperly jump-starting it. 

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