Insurance Limits for Classic Cars

Author: Jason / Date: August 9, 2022 / Tags: classic cars

Insurance Limits for Classic Cars

( – To legally drive your classic car on public roads, you must insure it. Insuring classic vehicles is different from other cars because companies provide specialized products for these autos. Plus, each company has different criteria for qualifying for this coverage.

For example, Hagerty requires you not to drive the vehicle as your daily mode of transportation, and you’ll need to show proof of an alternative vehicle available for everyday use. The company will consider your age, the age of the auto, and where you keep it when not in use. It only provides insurance for models from 1979 and older under the classic car policy. 

Those are typical requirements, but there may be some differences between companies. Some insurers may impose annual mileage limits to maintain the vehicle’s value. The age requirement may not be as strict at other agencies, either. Many will insure cars under a classic policy as long as they are 25 years or older, but they also factor in the model, condition, and how much you drive your classic. 

There might be additional criteria, so always read any policy carefully before selecting the right one for you. Many companies demand an exceptional driving record. The insurer might require maintenance records to confirm the condition and care of the car. Many companies also have a minimum age limit for drivers they will insure on classic vehicles. 

Classic car insurance companies focus mainly on the car, whereas companies insuring your daily use vehicle care more about who is driving it. Remember, companies can refuse to insure if you don’t meet their criteria, especially if the vehicle isn’t in good condition.

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