If This Ol’ Farm Truck Could Talk

Author: Jason / Date: November 3, 2022 / Tags: classic cars

If This Ol' Farm Truck Could Talk

(RareCarMarket.com) – Have you ever wondered what stories a classic vehicle may have to offer? Many of them have been around for decades, and there’s no telling what they may have been through. However, one old farm truck has a bit of its story told by a person that lived it.

This truly one-of-a-kind farm truck was never intended to be a truck. Originally, it was a 1928 Chevrolet sedan. During the Second World War, a farmer obtained the vehicle, which the previous owner had converted into a pickup truck. Val Leiding was the son of that farmer. He wrote a piece for Our Canada detailing some interesting anecdotes of not only the truck’s life but his family’s as well. 

Leiding noted that during the war, the military needed all the help they could get, and rubber was one of the most sought-after items. He mentioned that inner tubes for the tires were unavailable most of the time, but his father had come up with a pretty clever way to solve the problem. During the winter months, he would fill the tires with water and allow them to sit outside overnight. The next day they’d be frozen solid, so the truck could be driven. 

Leiding noted that if his father were to hit a bump, you could hear ice sloshing around inside the tire. The farmer’s son recalled one trip in particular when a door fell off the ‘28 Chevy, prompting a mechanic to yell, “hey mister, you lost your door!” 

He said his father was embarrassed by the incident and kept driving, noting that they eventually passed the garage where the man yelled from, claiming the door was now propped against the building’s wall. However, the father never retrieved the door and instead used a burlap sack to cover the opening. 

That’s quite the life for a vehicle that was originally a sedan! This old truck has lived a life more interesting than some people.

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