Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Powered Cars for 2022

Author: Jason / Date: August 9, 2022 / Tags: engines

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Powered Cars for 2022

(RareCarMarket.com) – Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth and an incredible resource for power. Plus, the only emission is water upon combustion, so it is very clean. Yet, car designers often overlook hydrogen in the current movement toward more environmentally-friendly energy sources. Part of the issue is only three major manufacturers have vehicles using the technology: Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai. But a new brand plans to make a splash in the field.

Hyperion, a hydrogen energy-focused company, took 10 years to perfect the XP-1. This model can go from zero to 62 in two seconds. It features all-wheel drive and comes as a three-speed automatic. Hyperion’s XP-1 will join Toyota’s Mirai, Honda’s Clarity, and Hyundai’s Nexo models, already available on the market.

The XP-1 can reach top speeds of 217 mph. In addition, its carbon fiber monocoque construction keeps it lightweight, which also means it accelerates faster. The design translates to better traction control, better braking performance, and less wear and tear on the suspension. 

The push for hydrogen to make it on the market is beneficial for many reasons. These vehicles get fantastic fuel economy, and they have a far better driving range than electric cars. They’re reliable and safe. Hydrogen fuel tanks are incredibly strong, so there’s even less chance of explosions or fires than with other types of vehicles.

If hydrogen takes off, it could revolutionize the alternative energy movement within the automotive industry. Unfortunately, we have to wait to see if manufacturers will realize the many benefits it has to offer. 

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