How to Remove Sap from Painted Surfaces

Author: Jason / Date: August 9, 2022 / Tags: how-to

How to Remove Sap from Painted Surfaces

( – Although trees are essential to us humans, they can be pretty destructive to cars, especially painted surfaces. Tree sap can cause several problems depending on how long it’s been on the paint, for example. Here are some DIY ideas to remove tree sap from your vehicle while avoiding any damage to the paint. 

First and most important, don’t clean tree sap with just any cleaning product as the chemicals can be harmful to your vehicle’s clear coat or paint. Second, you want to avoid any chipping or scratching. 

One surefire way to get tree sap off your car is to soften it first, regardless of how long it’s been on the vehicle. This step will allow you to clean it off with less scrubbing and less chance of scratching the paint. Be sure to use a microfiber towel to clean your car to avoid scratches.

Some experts recommend using rubbing or isopropyl alcohol to remove tree sap. While it does work quite well, always use this method with caution. The alcohol can also eat away at the clear coat over extended exposure. 

Another method involves using WD-40 or similar penetrating oil to spray onto the tree sap. It removes the contaminant with relative ease and won’t harm the paint. After dislodging the sap from the car, you’ll need to wash the area with warm soapy water to eliminate any oily residue and potentially polish and re-wax the affected area. 

You can always go out and buy tree sap remover; it’s probably a bit more expensive, especially if tree sap doesn’t get on your car often, but it might be the safest option to avoid damaging your paint.

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