How are Antique Cars Valued?

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Having an antique car connects you to the past in an elegant and noticeable way. Whether or not someone is a “car person”, when they see a car from before 1950, they take notice. They notice because historical figures are iconic, and these cars are iconic. So how do you place a price on an icon? This is how the antique cars from the past are valued:

Intent vs. Quality
At the time of release, what was the original model’s intention: was it a luxury car? Made for speed? Was it a car made for the “every man”? It’s important to know the history to understand the level of quality.

As with all collections, the fewer of something, the more valuable it is. It’s why people care about the original Mona Lisa, not the print hanging on every Starbucks wall, and why the McLaren of which only a limited number were made will always be more expensive than a Ford Model T.

Branching off of quality and rarity, the popularity of the car both then and now is important to consider. Was the car popular? Is the car having a resurgence now? The more “buzz” a car has, the more the value increases.

How close is the car to its original creation? Does it look like it’s been around for over 25 years or does the car look like you pulled it straight out of 1957? And maybe good to note – a running car is worth more than a car that doesn’t!


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