Gabriel Iglesias’ $3 Million Volkswagon Bus Collection

Author: Jason / Date: August 9, 2022 / Tags: Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias' $3 Million Volkswagon Bus Collection

( – One of the biggest names in comedy, Gabriel Iglesias is more than a fan of all things funny. Known to his fans as “Fluffy,” he’s got an impressive collection of cars, most of them being classic Volkswagen buses. Let’s look at the funny man’s $3 million collection of VWs.

Iglesias explained former late-night host and avid car collector Jay Leno got him into cars. Fluffy lovingly refers to them as investments you can have fun with and take places. In the video below, he shows some of his most prized buses, including a 1963 15-window bus he calls the Quinceañera.

Iglesias also featured another bus, a 1967 Westfalia Camper, which he says he bought from a man in Germany who originally purchased it from an individual from Southern California. His collection of buses includes a double cab VW truck, which he says has tons of aftermarket parts. Fluffy is such a big fan of these buses the comedian even bought one for his fish. 

The stand-up also has three rare VW Bugs in his collection, including a 1950 Hoffman Edition, which he claims is one of only three in the US. His collection, which he hopes to make a museum someday, isn’t just full of Volkswagens. Fluffy is also a huge fan of muscle cars. 

His favorite is his Trans Am, built from a Camaro and signed by none other than Burt Reynolds, the man responsible for making Trans Am a household name thanks to his starring role in “Smokey and the Bandit.” The comedian admits he’s scared to drive it, especially since its value went up following Reynolds’ death. 

Still, these cars don’t just sit around and collect dust. Fluffy enjoys driving all of them, even if it’s just for short distances. 

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