Does Your Classic Car Need a Tachometer?

Author: Jason / Date: August 29, 2022 / Tags: classic cars

Does Your Classic Car Need a Tachometer?

( – The reality of owning a classic car is that it probably doesn’t have all the fancy gizmos and gadgets of the modern era we’ve grown accustomed to. While many drivers today regularly look at the tachometer gauge in their car, the indicator wasn’t always common in American automobiles, meaning most older models don’t have them. That beckons the question: Does a classic car actually need one?

Before we answer that, let’s explore what a tachometer is and what purpose it serves. This dashboard gauge, typically a dial, shows the number of rotations per minute (RPM) the crankshaft makes within the engine, measured in 1000s. In a car with a manual transmission, it can help the driver avoid engine damage by shifting into a higher gear before the RPMs get too high. However, a driver familiar with driving a stick can usually tell when they need to change gears by the sound and feel of the engine.

So, to answer the original question, does a car need a tachometer, the simple answer is no. Technically, there’s no need to put one in a classic car that doesn’t already have one. If it were necessary, the manufacturer would’ve included it in the build. That being said, adding one isn’t going to hurt it any. Some people want them because they’re curious as to how hard the engine is working at certain speeds, while others want the gauge as a personal preference. 

Tachometers are relatively inexpensive and are often easy to install but offer no real perks. If you are trying to restore a classic to its original glory, you might want to avoid adding something that wasn’t standard equipment for the day. If you are going the restomod route, you may want to add one if you think it will enhance the build. The choice is yours.

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