Cars That Made America Cringe

Author: Jason / Date: August 8, 2022 / Tags: classic cars

Cars That Made America Cringe

( – While American manufacturers have created some legendary cars over the years, they’ve also produced some of the world’s worst vehicles of all time. To be fair, though, without the bad or the ugly, we wouldn’t appreciate the good. Here are some of the worst cars to come out of Detroit. 

Ford Pinto

Ford Pintos were small and not exactly head turners. Created to be a budget car for both the company and the consumer, these vehicles only cost $2,000 — meaning Ford had to keep production costs low. This led to some dangerous shortcuts and a lack of structural integrity. Poorly protected fuel tanks in the back of these cars caused many to explode when rear-ended. It was such a well-known problem that Hollywood even poked fun at the serious issue in the comedy film Top Secret.

Chevrolet Corvair

In 1960, Chevrolet released the rear-engine Corvair. This car may look cool, but like the Pinto, it was a hazard for anyone on the road. The rear-mounted engine meant the driver could easily spin out as the vehicle’s weight was unevenly distributed. It’s safe to say the Corvair is anything but safe, landing it a spot on the list of America’s worst cars. 

Pontiac Aztek

General Motors (GM) is a massive company that has enjoyed great success. The Pontiac Aztek isn’t one of those bright achievements. Its design is universally considered bulky and deformed. Many blame this SUV-minivan hybrid and its horrible styling for the manufacturer’s downfall, as this model never reached the number of sales required to make a profit. GM stopped making cars under the Pontiac brand in 2010. 

What do you think about these cars? Would you rate others as worse? 

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