Bet You Never Heard of These Cars — Or Their Amazing Ability

Author: Jason / Date: January 23, 2023 / Tags: exotic cars

Bet You Never Heard of These Cars --- Or Their Amazing Ability

( – There are more than 1.4 billion cars in the world. Many use their vehicles to get from one point to another, while others collect or showcase them. Some only drive their show cars on the weekends. There are vehicles out there that don’t just make unique additions to any car collection, but also offer more than one way to use them for recreational purposes — and some are perfect for those weekend cruises.

The Classic

During the 1961 New York Motor Show, a car manufacturer unveiled a spectacular build that would go on to inspire others to follow — the Amphicar. These car-boat hybrids were very popular in America, with 3,878 units sold until production ended in 1968. A 1.1L engine powered the car’s rear wheels on land, but in the water, it sent power to two propellers under the rear bumper.

Not a Jeep

Despite looking strikingly similar to Chrysler’s popular off-roading sport utility vehicle, the WaterCar Panther is not a Jeep. But Dave March, the founder of WaterCar, did admit to drawing inspiration from Jeep’s CJ8 Scrambler for his amphibious SUV’s design. It can reach impressive speeds of 45 mph on water and up to 80 mph on land, making it as fun to drive as it is good to look at.

Amphibious Cars, SUVs, and Trucks?

The world of vehicles that can travel on both land and water would be incomplete without having a truck in the mix. Gibbs Amphibians recognized this and created the Humdinga. This vehicle can travel up to 80 mph as a truck and reach speeds in excess of 30 mph as a boat.

Gibbs Amphibians is also responsible for making several other aquatic vehicles such as the BiSki, TriSki, Quadski, Aquada, Terraquad, and last but not least, the Phibian, which is a truck, trailer, and boat all in one.

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