Best Car-Themed Restaurants in the U.S.

Author: Jason / Date: May 12, 2023 / Tags: car-themed restaurants

car-themed restaurant

( – Lover of both food and cars? We’ve got you covered with this list of some of the best car-themed restaurants and bars in the United States:

  1. Flo’s V8 Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida: This restaurant is inspired by the classic American diner and cars from the 1950s. It’s set inside a fictitious mechanic’s garage, and the tables are cars where guests can sit and dine.
  2. Quaker Steak & Lube (many locations): This is a chain with multiple locations, originally started in Pennsylvania. It’s known for its automotive and motor racing theme, with many locations displaying classic cars, motorcycles, and even airplanes.
  3. Sparky’s Garage, Montana: This fun, car-themed restaurant serves up classic American dishes in an environment that’s reminiscent of a vintage mechanic’s shop. Located in Butte and Dillon, Montana.
  4. Ace Cafe, Orlando, Florida: Originating in London, Ace Cafe is a well-known hangout for car, bike, and rock ‘n roll enthusiasts. The Orlando location carries on this tradition with regular car and bike shows, live music, and a menu full of classic American and British favorites.
  5. Ford’s Garage, Florida (many locations): This restaurant is designed to look like a 1920s service station, complete with vintage Ford vehicles, gas pumps, and fixtures. They also have an extensive menu with a variety of burgers, craft beer, and more.

While on your next trip, be sure to check out one of these car-themed restaurants and be sure to post a picture or review in the comments!

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  1. A true classic from the 50’s in Sedalia, MO.
    In the middle of America…Corner of US36 and US50. Someone with their head up their tailpipe tore it down and replaced it with a small box store…YUCK.


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