5 Best Invisible Upgrades You Can Make to Your Classic Car

Author: Jason / Date: August 9, 2022 / Tags: classic cars

5 Best Invisible Upgrades You Can Make to Your Classic Car

(RareCarMarket.com) – There’s no doubt classic cars are great. But sometimes, it’s nice to have some “modern” convenience and feel to your classic ride. You can make some nearly invisible changes to your classic to upgrade it without drawing much attention. Let’s look at five modifications to modernize your car:

1. Change the Rear End

You don’t have to change the entire rear end to see a difference in how the vehicle rides or performs. Changing the gear ratio will make an invisible but significant difference. Some caution is warranted – If you choose too high of a gear ratio, it could negatively affect fuel efficiency and stress the engine. Alternatively, gear ratios targeted too low will hamper acceleration. 

2. Adding Anti-Roll Bars

Adding these bars to your classic may significantly improve how your vehicle handles, especially around curves. Of course, the modification isn’t entirely invisible, but it would require looking underneath the car to see them. 

3. Upgrade to a 12-Volt System

This upgrade isn’t necessarily invisible either because anyone can see your electronic system isn’t factory-issued. Still, this modification would allow you to power features like a phone charger. 

4. Electric Ignition

Vintage cars have breaker points and require maintenance. But the parts are becoming difficult to find. Upgrading to an electric ignition system eliminates the issue of maintenance and finding parts and constitutes a solid improvement. 

5. Bigger Wheels and Tires

Again, while this improvement isn’t exactly invisible, bigger wheels and tires can help with traction and stability. Be careful not to go too large – you want to make sure they still fit the vehicle’s wheel wells and steering. 

If you’re interested in more modifications, the video below has additional ideas, like updating your transmission, engine, suspension, steering, or brakes. 

These simple upgrades are relatively inexpensive and virtually invisible, and they can make your ride all that much nicer.

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